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The 16th Pulp and Paper Fundamental Research Symposium, 3-8 September 2017

The 16th Fundamental Research Symposium took place at Pembroke College, Oxford from 3-8 September, 2017, a venue not previously used for a symposium.. The college provided an excellent environment for the meeting with state of the art presentation facilities, comfortable delegate rooms, bar and dining room and, of course, excellent food, all in the beautiful setting of the ancient college.

The keynote speaker for the 16th Fundamental Research Symposium was Professor Alvaro Mata, Director of the Institute of Bioengineering, Queen Mary University of London. His talk was entitled: "Supramolecular Engineering Strategies of Biomaterials".

The final version of the programme can now be found here. The programme included, as always, invited reviews on subjects of current interest from eminent scientists and engineers at the top of their fields. These sometimes lengthy works help to make the proceedings of the Fundamental Research Symposium a required resource for academics, students and industrialists across the world. For the 16th symposium the reviews were:

"Fiber-fiber bond formation and failure: mechanisms and analytical techniques", Ulrich Hirn and Robert Schennach, Graz University of Technology;

"Forming of advanced structures in paper – three–dimensional deformation and damage mechanism", Sören Östlund, KTH Royal Institute of Technology;

"Creasing and folding", Doug Coffin, Miami University and Mikael Nygårds, Innventia.

For the third time a "Fundamental Research Communications" poster session was included in the 16th Symposium. The concept of very short, very tightly chaired presentations followed by discussion around posters fuelled by light refreshments is not completely novel but once again worked exceptionally well for us and succeeding in broadening the range of contributors without threatening our tightly refereed traditional structure or the prestige of an acceptance to the main proceedings.

The FRC considers it a priority that delegates should stay in the college, allowing the most traditional form of academic discussion around its court, in the bar and at the dining table. We also always ensure that we offer a deal which is affordable to all scientists (from students to professors and senior managers in industry) who might consider coming.

The proceedings of the first 15 FRC Symposia are on fully searchable CDs. Ordering information is available on the FRC homepage:
Delegates to the recent 16th Symposium in Oxford in September 2017 received a fully searchable copy of ALL past proceedings on a Flash Drive.